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See What America Would Look Like If It Was Divided by Game of Thrones Houses

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Unless you’re riding dragons to work or plotting to murder your husband in order to rule over your neighborhood, you probably feel far removed from the fantastical world painted by HBO’s Game of Thrones. The mythical land of Westeros is filled with harrowing beasts around every corner, scheming lords vying for power at whatever the cost, and climates so harsh they last for decades.

But with every new episode on that much anticipated Sunday night, as you sit with your eyes glued to the TV screen (or lay in bed with your laptop), you may start to feel that some of this world hits eerily close to home. Maybe it’s after seeing another passive-aggressive exchange between Margaery and Cersei, or while you watch Jon Snow grapple with tough decisions in the frozen fort of Castle Black. Because while the Game of Thrones characters themselves are fictional, their struggles and desires are not. In fact, they’re very real.

Our data experts at FindTheHome feel the same way. So much so, that they used their company and industry data from Dun & Bradstreet to see where these distinct personalities would live if Westeros were the United States.

First, they separated the country into seven distinct groups: six Houses and the Night’s Watch. Next, they crunched a combination of demographic, geographic, and industry data that is characteristic of each House and its location. Finally, they carefully matched these attributes with those of regions in the United States. So how Greyjoy is your county? How Lannister is New York? Continue to see how each area of the country stacks up.


The Night’s Watch

Top counties:
1. Lexington City, VA
2. Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, AK
3. Northwest Arctic Borough, AK

– Male population
– Percent of people who have never married
– Low average temperature
– National security companies

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    House Stark

    Top counties:
    1. Stanley County, SD
    2. Fairfax City, VA
    3. Sawyer County, WI

    – Low average temperatures
    – Low population density
    – Construction companies
    – Pet supply companies (to keep those Direwolves happy)

    House Targaryen

    Top counties:
    1. Esmeralda County, NV
    2. Harding County, SD
    3. Garfield County, NE

    – Fire protection groups
    – Legal services
    – Fortune tellers
    – High average temperature

    House Lannister

    Top counties:
    1. New York County, NY
    2. Falls Church City, VA
    3. Loudoun County, VA

    – Population with a high median income
    – High population density
    – Banks
    – Political organizations

    House Baratheon

    Top counties:
    1. Kenedy County, TX
    2. Grant County, NE
    3. East Carroll Parish, LA

    – Religious organizations per 10k people
    – High average temperatures

    House Tyrell

    Top counties:
    1. Glasscock County, TX
    2. New York County, NY
    3. Sully County, SD

    – Crop farms
    – High population density

    House Greyjoy

    Top counties:
    1. St. Mary Parish, LA
    2. Plaquemines Parish, LA
    3. Daggett County, UT

    – Iron and steel forging companies
    – Ship building and repairing companies
    – Marina-related companies

    Note: Although a county may score highly for a House, that might not be what it was ultimately classified as overall.

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