Your iPhone Is About to Get Harder to Hack

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Apple will require mobile users running the upcoming version of iOS to move from a four-digit passcode to a six-digit code, the company said Monday. The requirement applies to all iPhones and iPads with a TouchID fingerprint scanner, Ars Technica reports.

While passcodes will remain optional, the change from four to six digits work out to make them about 100 times more difficult to randomly guess.

The announcement slipped under the press’ radar amid an action-packed conference, but was later highlighted by a Stanford computer science graduate on Twitter. The expanded passcode would confront hackers with one million possible combinations, versus the current headache of 10,000 combination. After ten failed login attempts, the phone will automatically wipe itself clean.

The enhanced security feature will come standard on new Apple devices and roll out to current users who upgrade to iOS 9 this fall.

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