This Is the Geekiest Marriage Proposal Ever

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All research papers reveal a new discovery with evidence, defense and scientific theory — not all papers, however, include a marriage proposal.

Alberta paleontologist Caleb Brown proposed to his girlfriend Lorna O’Brien in the acknowledgments section of a research paper he co-authored detailing the discovery of a new dinosaur called Regaliceratops peterhewsi (nicknamed Hellboy).

The passage reads, “C.M.B. would specifically like to highlight the ongoing and unwavering support of Lorna O’Brien. Lorna, will you marry me?” According to CBC News, Brown’s girlfriend, also a paleontologist, said “yes.”

“She was a bit astonished, speechless at first. I don’t think she fully comprehended the significance, but regardless of that she said yes, so that’s always a good answer,” Brown said.

He also said his editors at Current Biology were supportive of his proposal and “were really interested and they wanted to know what her answer was.”

Dino fans on Twitter, with impeccable attention to detail, brought the life-changing sentence to light and the story made the rounds on social media.

Brown said that he hopes the marriage proposal does not diminish the new dinosaur’s discovery — but the ship might have sailed on that one.

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