Taylor Swift Swag Saves Lives

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Bracelets designed to create a nifty visual effect during Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour are also apparently handy in emergency situations.

Teens who were in a car accident following Swift’s concert in Baton Rouge, La., last week reportedly used the light-up bracelets to alert passersby to their circumstances after the crash, according to WBRZ. A woman came to their aid after seeing the lights. “She could tell that there was someone in the car,” one of the passengers, Caroline Dazzio, told WBRZ.

Swift herself tweeted out the story saying, “This is unreal.”

The accident occurred after Elizabeth Dazzio, Caroline’s sister, fell asleep while driving. Avery Talbot—who describes herself as a friend of the teens, but who was not in the accident—explained how the situation unfolded on a blog post on Swift’s website via USA Today:

On her way home Daz unfortunately fell asleep while getting off the interstate and got stuck under a pole. It was almost 1 AM and pitch black and the girls and totaled car could not be seen. When the two girls in the back (Emma & Caroline) realized they could not receive help one of their Bracelets flashed. The Bracelet from the concert. It lit up. As you touch your bracelet post concert, it lights up and changes color. They started tapping the Bracelets to the windows & eventually a lady pulled aside to help and call 911. She said without those bracelets they probably would have not been seen. HOW AWESOME. Daz is doing good, but prayers are appreciated. A Taylor swift bracelet saved her life. Thanks Taylor!!!!

Here is an example of the bracelets in action at a concert:

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