By Alex Heigl/People
May 27, 2015

Everyone knows how much Taylor Swift loves her friends. Now she has a whole parkful.

The Legoland Windsor Resort in the U.K. recently conducted a poll of its visitors to see which celebrity they’d most want as their best friend, and T. Swift won out, beating her own good buddy Ed Sheeran, as well as U.K. celebrities like Zoella and Ella Henderson.

The 8’4″ x 12’7″ Lego mosaic was constructed this past weekend with the help of guests, who used 38,400 individual bricks in 600 sections, aided by park employees.

Sure, it’s good, but is it “15-ft., 250,000-brick Millennium Falcon” good? Or $100,000 Jurassic Park remake good? Or Golden Girls good? Point is, it’s a crowded field here at Legoland. Step up your game.

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