Kane's Donuts
By Mandy Oaklander
May 16, 2015

Hot off the heels of the cruffin, the newest hybrid has hit the food world, just in time for lobster roll season.

Meet the lobster dowich: lobster salad smushed between two buttery brioche doughnuts to make a doughnut sandwich. The new savory-sweet treat is a creation from Kane’s Handcrafted in Boston, reports Boston.com (and it’s also available in braised beef).

“Brioche-based doughs make a wonderful vehicle for sandwiches,” said Kane’s Handcrafted president and co-owner Paul Delios to Forbes. “People use Challah bread and other baked sweet breads in sandwiches, so why not a doughnut?”

And you thought lobsters were only good dipped in straight butter.

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