May 13, 2015 4:07 PM EDT

Samantha Bee will have none of your sausages in the new teaser for her upcoming TBS show.

The promo is a not-so-veiled critique of the male-dominated homogeny of late night. While staring at a wall featuring portraits of the current late night lineup, Bee is offered some “sausages.” (Literal ones, to be clear.) Each type of sausage the server describes corresponds to a late night host. The camera lingers on the portrait of Jimmy Fallon when he says “mild” and Carson Daly when he offers “extra mild.” Bee’s fellow former Daily Show correspondent John Oliver is an “English banger” the server has heard “really good things about.”

But Bee rejects the sausages, and closes the teaser by saying: “I am female as f–k.”

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