May 13, 2015 1:58 PM EDT

A 51-year-old English man sneezed out a toy part that had been obstructing his nasal passage since childhood, finally relieving himself from more than 40 years of congested breathing.

Steve Easton was sitting at his computer when he was overcome by a sneezing fit, the Guardian reports. One fateful sneeze dislodged a penny-sized suction cup from his nasal cavity and sent it rocketing out of his nostril. “I thought, ‘what’s this,” Easton told the Guardian. “Where the hell has this come from?'”

A phone call to his mother confirmed what she had suspected 44 years earlier — that the rubber tip of a toy dart had vanished up his nose, beyond the reach of doctors. Easton, for his part, figured he was suffering from hay fever.

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