May 11, 2015 11:32 AM EDT

The latest trailer for Orange Is the New Black ends with a summation from Piper: “People think all we do is have lesbian sex and strip searches and naked cat fights in the shower,” she explains with a smile. She then pauses, and puts on a serious face: “We also do other things.”

Though the new trailer does revisit some of the show’s history—including why Piper is in Litchfield in the first place—it also gets us all riled up in anticipation for the upcoming season. There are flashes of hugs, bonding between Big Boo and Pennsatucky, a wink from the new inmate played by Ruby Rose and bathroom singing from Black Cindy, who says: “Please, my grandma used to douche with disinfectant.”

The show returns for season three June 12.

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