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May 9, 2015 12:01 AM EDT
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The best way to pick a password or hiding spot you’ll remember is to choose one quickly because you want something that will return to mind quickly:

Via Why We Make Mistakes:

Faces can be made more memorable by ignoring physical characteristics and focusing on personality traits. Does this person look trustworthy or likable? This makes your brain process the face more deeply, promoting learning.

Via Why We Make Mistakes:

Is there a technique that works across the board for improving memory? You can improve recall of most anything by matching the context of where you learned it.

Via Why We Make Mistakes:

This effect has been repeated numerous times with adults (and, yes, things learned underwater are best remembered while submerged.)

Now it’s not practical to assume you’ll only have to recall things where you learned them. What’s great is that emotional context is just as effective a trigger.

Via Why We Make Mistakes:

Merely matching your facial expression to the one you had when you were introduced to the information can boost your ability to recall it.

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This piece originally appeared on Barking Up the Wrong Tree.

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