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May 6, 2015 12:48 PM EDT

Mikey the cat is finally getting her moment to be a mom.

The 8-month-old feline from Houston, Texas, recently gave birth to three kittens, reports the Huffington Post. Mikey’s babies were born premature and weak. The cat’s owner, Hillary, tried to help the mom save the trio, but all of the kittens eventually died.

Prepared to be a mother, Mikey obviously appeared heartbroken after losing her babies. Hilary said her pet started acting depressed and would search the house for her kittens. Wanting to help ease Mikey’s suffering, Hillary called Dori’s Darlings, a local cat rescue organization.

Dori Hillman, the owner of the rescue, connected the concerned owner with Amanda Lowe and Kelli Nicole, who were caring for three abandoned kittens. Just a few days old, Teddy, Abby and Lily required constant care and supervision.

Lowe had the idea of introducing the needy kittens to Mikey. The grieving mother cat met the babies the day after Hillary and Lowe spoke, and instantly connected with the new brood.

As soon as Lowe set Teddy, Abby and Lily in front of Mikey, the cat reached out for the kittens and begin to “hug” and lick them. Minutes later, Mikey rolled over to allow the kittens nurse from her. Cautiously, each of the babies began to feed.

Lowe and Hillary were watching a new family form before their eyes. Several hours after meeting, Mikey and the kittens were playing, sleeping and cuddling together. Thankfully, Nicole, who works as a photographer, was there to document the special bond building between the new mom and her adopted kids.

Lowe left Hillary’s home without the kittens, deciding to let them grow up in the loving paws of Mikey instead.

“This was just an awful thing she went through and this will be healing for her,” she told Huffington Post.

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