By Esther Zuckerman
May 6, 2015

Jimmy Kimmel has a relatively useful take on Rihanna’s elaborate Met Gala dress—that yellow, meme-producing behemoth.

On his show, Kimmel introduced the “Rihanket” with a faux infomercial that declares: “It’s a dress. It’s a coat. It’s a blanket. It’s a tent. It mops. It dusts.” Need a chuppah for a wedding? The “Rihanket” has you covered.

There’s also a bonus product that comes with the “Rihanket.” It’s a “Kardashian Kloth,” after the dress Kim Kardashian wore to the gala, and it subs as a “curtain for a dollhouse window.”

Now we wait for Rihanna to take her revenge.

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