Courtesy Ivana Trump
May 5, 2015 5:18 PM EDT

You are the greatest joy of my life. We’ve had some amazingly wonderful times together, and some sad and difficult ones.

But we’ve always gone through them together, and for that I am grateful.

When each of you was born, it was a day of rejoicing, a beginning of new hope with a new life. Each one of you has brought your unique personality to every situation, and the bond between you three is so strong and dynamic. You are three friends, three work colleagues, three siblings. And as much as your own families are growing, so too is mine. It’s hard to believe I am a “Glam-ma” of seven now—with more to come, I’m sure (right, Eric?).

You may have grown up in a rich, privileged home, but both your Dad and I worked hard to keep you grounded. You did your homework while we watched over you. You worked jobs in your summer holidays. You saved your “income” to buy skis and skateboards, and you know the value of hard work and money. We wanted you to have a great education as a strong foundation, and you all graduated from elite colleges—colleges you got into on your own grades, and distinguished yourself in by leaving with Honors degrees. You did it all on your own, and by supporting each other. You have grown into adults who can help change and shape this world, and I am sure each one of your will master your destiny. I couldn’t be more proud of you.

But as children, there are so many funny stories to tell! You were a fun-loving threesome always playing jokes on each other, on me and other friends. Remember the time you were all swimming off the boat in Italy? I sneaked around and threw “last night’s meatballs” into the water. Then with the Captain and crew we started yelling there was “poo poo” in the water. I’ve never seen three waterbabies get out of the water so quickly. When you realized what it was you all collapsed with laughter. And, I could see a plot hatching to get back at me! Those were the really happy days, and they have made for a wonderful life.

I thank you all for being the light and the loves of my life. You have made it all worthwhile. You share the love, and it all comes back to you and those you love in turn.


Trump is a socialite and a former athlete and fashion model

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