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Watch Matt LeBlanc Sing Joey’s Songs From Friends

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Friends may be over, but Joey Tribbiani will forever live on in Matt LeBlanc.

The Episodes star, 47, dropped by the The Graham Norton Show on Friday, where he and the talk show host relived some of their favorite moments from the beloved sitcom.

Norton, 52, brought up one episode in particular, in which Joey famously performs in a musical about the life of Dr. Sigmund Freud.

“I think it was right in the very beginning of the first season, like episode four, or something,” LeBlanc explained, “It was called ‘Freud!’ ”

Remembering the tune and lyrics, Leblanc launched into a performance of the song, complete with Freud’s Austrian accent. The only thing missing was Joey’s accompanying dance number from the musical.

LeBlanc was also reminded of an episode from the fifth season of the show, in which Joey encounters his identical hand twin.

“Oh, my god!” the actor laughed, “I gotta set it up first.”

The actor explained to fellow guests Kit Harington and Rebel Wilson that in the episode, “I meet a guy, not me, Joey meets a guy in the casino who’s his exact hand double, and he thinks he has struck it rich now. ‘NASA’s gonna want to talk to us, this is big.’ ”

“So he comes up with this song and I think it goes like this,” LeBlanc said before singing the lyrics to the tune of Woodie Guthrie’s This Land Is Your Land: “This hand is your hand, this hand is my hand, No wait that’s your hand, Oh no that’s my hand!”

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