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What You Need to Know About Negotiating Your First Salary

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Conversations about money in the workplace, and salary negotiations in particular, are always difficult—but if it’s your first time having those discussions, it can be especially intimidating. That’s why we launched “Adulthood Made Easy,” a podcast through Panoply, that helps young women navigate the real world, from their first salary negotiation, to their first apartment hunt.

In the pilot, Greg Giangrande, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Time Inc. (Real Simple‘s parent company), offers advice about what you can (and can’t) ask for during your first year on the job. The best part? Host Sam Zabell works right here at Real Simple, and she has to have this entire money conversation in front of both of her bosses. Listen below, and if you want to hear more, make sure to subscribe in iTunes or on your favorite podcast app.


This article originally appeared on Real Simple.

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