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Bouncy Bits
Bouncy Bits

Had enough Candy Crush and looking for some fun new games to play on your iPhone? Here are five favorites TIME rounded up this week.


Although Wrassling is truly inane in its gameplay, it’s reminiscent of the classic Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. Command a blockheaded wrestler and try your best to clobber your opponent even as your limbs fall off. There’s something truly mesmerizing about how long you can spend playing a game this simple.

Wrassling is free in the App Store

Burn It Down

For a blocky, retro-looking game, Burn it Down is surprisingly plot-heavy. You wake up and find that all of the sudden, your lover is missing. The kidnapper and the motive remain unclear, but you must work your way through various, grim levels and find clues in order to get to the bottom of it. Part detective story, part haunted mansion explorer.e

Burn It Down is free in the App Store

Bouncy Bits

If you were to take Frogger and give it to the creators of Adventure Time, you’d get Bouncy Bits. It’s a simple runner game with a slight twist. The goal is to navigate your character and bounce through each level while dodging obstacles. You can upgrade to new maps and players and rack up points. There are some in-app purchases you can make, like new player modes and characters, to enhance gameplay.

Bouncy Bits is free in the App Store

Tower Slash

Tower Slash takes the classic neo-pixel game format and does something that is at once both incredibly retro and very well suited to the iPhone. Climb up a tower on the game’s vertical landscape and try to beat your friend’s scores — but you’re limited to the few basic commands of jumping to dodge obstacles and attacking enemies with a few weapons upgrades.

Tower Slash is free in the App Store

Tadpole Tap

This should have been a Game Boy Color game. Navigate a tadpole with an elastic tongue through a river and snatch various bugs and animals. As you improve, and as the game becomes more impossible, you also unlock other tadpoles to play with. Every fly you eat earns you points. There’s something incredibly calming about the game’s design and how easy it is to play for a few short minutes here and there.

Tadpole Tap is free in the App Store

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