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April 23, 2015 2:48 PM EDT

One of the best parts of being a person is getting to eat at Chipotle. One of the other best parts of being a person is getting to use the Internet to order food directly to your house so you don’t have to put pants on. Until now, these two aspects of humanity were completely separate, because Chipotle did not offer delivery service. Until now.

That’s right. Chipotle has teamed with delivery service Postmates to offer delivery in 67 cities, Nation’s Restaurant News reports.

Yes, this is very, very exciting — but there’s a catch. The delivery fee is really pricey.

“I just tried to order an $8 Chipotle burrito from Postmates,” writes Jason Del Rey, who’s based in New York City, “and was told it would cost $20 with delivery and service fees.”

In other words: one delivery burrito costs about the same as two regular burritos plus chips and guacamole. But still, it’s nice knowing it’s an option for when things get dire and you just can’t bring yourself to put on pants and walk to the nearest Chipotle location.

In conclusion:

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