By Justin Worland
April 19, 2015

The most pirated television show online is no longer welcome to be screened at a Brooklyn bar.

Videology, a bar and screening room in the borough’s Williamsburg neighborhood, was told by HBO to stop screening the hit show on Sunday nights, which it has done for the past two years. It’s the first time the establishment, which also screens Mad Men, has been asked to stop showing a particular program, bar co-owner James Leet told the Village Voice. He said it was unfair that only his bar was targeted when many others the area show the same program.

HBO reportedly told Leet that its content can’t be shown in a public setting, a decision that came in the wake of the recent leak of this season’s first four episodes.

“We’re sorry that our fans will not be able to see it in the future here,” Leet added, noting that some bar-goers had even shown up in costume. “We know they really enjoyed it, and we’re sorry we can’t do that for them anymore.”

[Village Voice]

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