The Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Burrito Is Really, Truly Happening

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The dream you didn’t know you had has finally come true: Ben & Jerry’s will be selling ice cream burritos—officially called “Brrr-itos.”

With a “soft and chewy” waffled crepe-like wrap enveloping two scoops of any Ben & Jerry’s flavor, topped with fudge and chocolate cookie crumbs, the brrr-ito sounds like a treat for any day of the year. But it was no accident the ice cream kings choose April 20 (also known as National Munchies Day), to launch the novelty, as evidenced by the slack jawed, hungry-eyed fans in their promo vid:

Unfortunately though, you won’t be able to grab a brrr-ito from your local convenience store at 1 a.m. mid Netflix binge — freshly made brrr-itos will be available exclusively at the company’s scoop shops.

Patrons have the impossible choice of which two flavors to pack in the ice cream burrito, and the company has compiled a list of combo ideas on its site. Which, at this moment, is serving no other purpose than worsening our afternoon chocolate craving.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough? Try to contain your drool.

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