April 15, 2015 2:28 PM EDT

The Dennis Quaid meltdown video that “leaked” last week was officially a prank.

The comedy video website Funny or Die claimed responsibility for the video on Wednesday and released a full cut showing the same Quaid freakout, but with more context.

In the initial video, which looked like it was taken on a cellphone and was uploaded to YouTube on April 10, Quaid is seen screaming expletives at the crew on what seems to be a film set.

The full video below shows the tirade was part of a larger Funny or Die sketch, where the “horses–t” is actually just that, and the “p—–s” Quaid screams about are really a basket of kittens.

Viewers had previously speculated that the seemingly leaked video might be a hoax. Many thought Jimmy Kimmel was behind it, given his love for a good prank.

Watch below (but be warned that the video contains profanities throughout):

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