By Olivia B. Waxman
April 10, 2015

People on the Internet are discussing whether a cat is going up or down the stairs in this photo.

This week’s debate seems to have been started by a post on, a photo and video sharing website. The headline “Forget about the golden dress” has generated nearly 3,700 comments at the time of publication. CBC points out that while the debate is fresh, the photo is not new, and had been posted to website in 2012.

Imgur users say it is going down the stairs, Reddit users in this one thread seem torn, while some Facebook users say up because of the way the feline’s tail is wagging. BBC Trending thinks the answer lies in the direction of the brickwork on the walls. The Daily Mail points out that another post on seems to argue the cat is going down the stairs.

Other news outlets are reporting on the photo as if the buzz about it will become a viral sensation like “#TheDress,” a debate on the Internet about whether a dress is white and gold or blue and black (the dress’s designer Roman Originals said it was black and blue).

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