"No Kardashian Parking" sign by artist Plastic Jesus in Los Angeles, Calif.
Plastic Jesus
April 8, 2015 1:37 PM EDT

If your last name is Kardashian, finding a parking spot in Hollywood just became that much more difficult.

A number of “No Kardashian Parking” signs have popped up around the city – including in front of Dash, the clothing boutique owned by Kim and her sisters – and artist Plastic Jesus is responsible.

Known to many as the Banksy of L.A., the artist told The Hollywood Reporter that the signs are a statement on America’s obsession with celebrity.

“‘Stop Making Stupid People Famous’ often gets blogged as a criticism of the Kardashians,” Plastic Jesus told THR. “But that piece is also meant to criticize us as consumers. Without us, there would be no market for the Kardashians. We are equally, if not more so, to blame.”

A spokesperson for the LAPD told the magazine that “no complaints have yet been filed about the signs, but insisted it’s a pretty clear case of vandalism, regardless of the artistic intent.”

This article originally appeared on People.com.


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