April 8, 2015 4:37 PM EDT

While it’s no secret that many products and services inexplicably cost more for women, many people still seem unaware — or at least unperturbed — about this “women’s tax.” France’s finance ministry is currently investigating this issue, but in the U.S., it still seems to go largely unnoticed.

So, to shed light on this purported price gap between gendered products, a team at the Daily Share created a video comparing nearly identical products with not-so-identical price tags. They found that a Schick’s Hydro 5 men’s razor, for example, costs $8.56, while a counterpart marketed toward women costs $9.97.

Narciso Rodriguez Eau de Toilette For Him, they found, costs $87, while the “For Her” variety comes in at $106.60. Even major expenses like long-term care insurance, they found, costs 13% more for women.

The one thing they came up with that costs the same for men and women? Unisex button-down shirts from American Apparel. Getting these identical shirts dry cleaned, however, cost 25 cents more for the woman, whose receipt actually said “lady shirt.”


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