Living in Ruins: Portraits from Gaza
MSNBC: In Gaza, Life Persists Amid the RubbleSobheya Hamid Abu Mutlag, 59, poses at her home in Khan Yunis destroyed during the summer conflict between Israel and Hamas. Despite the serious damage, she cannot leave, since there is no place else for her to move, or it is too expensive to rent after the war. Khoza'a in Khan Yunis, Gaza. Oct. 5, 2014.Q. Sakamaki—Redux
Living in Ruins: Portraits from Gaza
Siafa Sherif, 8, who has shown symptoms of Ebola, walks through her village to a truck waiting to take her to a hospital, in Dandano, Guinea.
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A pair of trousers lie on the seabed near the shipwreck of the 66-foot-long fishing boat that sank off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa lies at a depth of 164 ft. on the seabed, on Sept. 22, 2014. The tragedy that happened a year ago on Oct. 3, 2013 killed 366 migrants from North Africa.
Mehnaz, a mother of four, stands outside a tent a week after floods destroyed her home. Her family, along with six others, have been forced on to a bleak hilltop to escape the waterlogged valley below, but storm clouds threaten to bring more monsoon rains. A camp near Nowshera, Pakistan. Aug. 2010.
MSNBC: In Gaza, Life Persists Amid the RubbleSobheya Hamid Abu Mutlag, 59, poses at her home in Khan Yunis destroyed dur

Q. Sakamaki—Redux
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Photojournalism Daily: Nov. 20, 2014

Nov 20, 2014

Today’s daily Photojournalism Links collection highlights Q. Sakamaki's portraits from the Gaza Strip. This past summer's conflict between Israel and Palestinian militant groups took a heavy toll on the coastal enclave's 1.8 million people — more than 2,000 people were killed in Gaza (and 70 in Israel) — and shredded much of its infrastructure. Sakamaki traveled south to Khan Yunis in October to document the aftermath of the war and found many Gazans living in the rubble of their own homes, waiting for relief.

Q. Sakamaki: In Gaza, Life Persists Amid the Rubble (MSNBC)

Samuel Aranda: Guinea’s Remote Villages Slowly Open to Ebola Treatment (The New York Times) After a period of resistance, small villages have begun to accept help from outside organizations like the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders.

Carolyn Drake: The Communal Table (National Geographic) These photographs from Milpa Alta, Mexico, show how the community gets together to eat, pray, and celebrate life. | See the rest of National Geographic's Future of Food series.

Francesco Zizola: Lampedusa Shipwreck: From the Depths of the Mediterranean Sea (TIME LightBox) The Italian photographer goes underwater to revisit Europe's worst migrant shipwreck.

The women trapped by conflict in Pakistan – video (The Guardian) Alixandra Fazzina talks us through some of her compelling photographs of Pakistani women, who she documented for years, but no longer has access to. | Some of Fazzina's stills on this Guardian page.

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