Pictures of the Week: September 21 – 28

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From the NFL touchdown controversy in the U.S. and Israelis observing Yom Kippur to China’s first aircraft carrier and surfing with dolphins in Australia, TIME presents the best images of the week.

Sept. 24, 2012. A French soldier stands in Naghlu base, Afghanistan. Jeff Pachoud–AFP/Getty Images
Sept. 24, 2012. Residents throw stones and beer bottles at a demolition team and anti-riot police during an operation at an informal settlers area to give way for a local government project in Manila. Noel Celis–AFP/Getty Images
Sept. 23, 2012. Tova, the mother of Israeli soldier Corporal Natanel Yahalomi, kisses his flag-draped coffin before his funeral in the Israeli city of Modiin near Tel Aviv.Baz Ratner–Reuters
Sept. 24, 2012. Palestinian children light candles to show solidarity with the Syrian people during a vigil in Jabaliya Refugee Camp, northern Gaza Strip.Ali Ali–EPA
Sept. 25, 2012. Coastguard vessels from Japan and Taiwan duel with water cannons after dozens of Taiwanese boats escorted by patrol ships sailed into waters around the Tokyo-controlled islands. Yomiuri Shimbun–AFP/Getty Images
Sept. 24, 2012. Female inmates wearing butterfly costumes attend an event that celebrates the first days of Spring at a prison for women in Lima, Peru. Martin Mejia–AP
Sept. 24, 2012. The shadow of Air Force One carrying President Barack Obama flies over a golf course while on approach to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. Brendan Smialowski–AFP/Getty Images
Sept. 24, 2012. A Free Syrian Army soldier, right, looks through a mirror which helps him see Syrian troops from the other side, as he takes his position with his comrade during fighting in Aleppo.Hussein Malla–AP
Sept. 22, 2012. A mock victim lays on the floor of an Amtrak train during a biological preparedness drill being led by members of the Chemical Biological Incident Response Force (CBIRF) at Penn Station in New York. Allison Joyce–Getty Images
Sept. 22, 2012. Jazmin Lopez and Miguel Osorio dance during the First Regional Dance Competition on Wheelchair Sports in Cancun. Victor Ruiz Garcia–Reuters
Sept. 21, 2012. Spectators display a huge Chinese national flag during the Nanning International Arts Festival of Folk Songs in Guangxi province, China.Reuters
Sept. 21, 2012. A suspected crack user is lead away by a municipal agent during an operation by Rio de Janeiro's Social Action Secretariat to bring crack addicts to shelters for rehabilitation.Ricardo Moraes–Reuters
Sept. 22, 2012. A guard stands on a watch tower in a prison during a protest rally against prison abuse in Tbilisi, Georgia.Shakh Aivazov–AP
Sept. 22, 2012. China's first aircraft carrier, which was renovated from an old aircraft carrier that China bought from Ukraine in 1998, is seen docked at Dalian Port, in Dalian, China.Reuters
Sept. 21, 2012. Polish soldiers stands in front of a wall with names of Polish victims of Soviet-era repressions, at the memorial near the village of Bykivnia outside Kiev. Valentyn Ogirenko–Reuters
Sept. 21, 2012. The shadow of a puppet hangs under a gallow next to the main Calvinistic church in Debrecen, Hungary.Attila Kisbenedek–AFP/Getty Images
Sept. 22, 2012. Regina Bakai competes in the Hungarian pole dance competition in Budapest.Laszlo Balogh–Reuters
Sept. 23, 2012. Children look at chickens coming out of a cleaning machine as Ultra-Orthodox Jews perform the Kaparot ceremony on in Jerusalem.Uriel Sinai–Getty Images
Sept. 23, 2012. Indian Hindu devotees carry an idol of the elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesha as they chant mantras at the iconic Juhu Chowpatty beach on the fifth day of the ten-day long festival Ganesh Chaturthi, in Mumbai.Indranil Mukherjee–AFP/Getty Images
Sept. 23, 2012. Dust lifts off the ground during an operation at dawn by U.S. Army soldiers at Zangabad foward operating base in the Panjwai district, Afghanistan.Tony Karumba–AFP
Sept. 24, 2012. Bodies of climbers killed in an avalanche at Mount Manaslu lie covered with numbers at the Tribhuvan University Teaching hospital in Katmandu.Niranjan Shrestha–AP
Sept. 24, 2012. A Pakistani Muslim man offers the afternoon prayer next to his goats in a field on the outskirts of Islamabad.Muhammed Muheisen–AP
Sept. 24, 2012. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is seen on a video recorder speaking during the high-level meeting of the General Assembly on the Rule of Law at the United Nations headquarters in New York . Shannon Stapleton–Reuters
Sept. 24, 2012. People attend a training session at the FLN movement (North Liberation Forces) camp in Sevare, Mali. Malin Palm–Reuters
Sept. 24, 2012. Wide receiver Golden Tate #81 of the Seattle Seahawks makes a catch in the end zone to defeat the Green Bay Packers on a controversial call by the officials at CenturyLink Field in Seattle. Otto Greule Jr–Getty Images
Sept. 24, 2012. Carlos Tiberio Valladares, a.k.a. "sniper," leader of the Mara Salvatrucha gang, attends a press conference at the Female Jail in San Salvador.Jose Cabezas–AFP/Getty Images
Sept. 24, 2012. A decomposing body lays on the street in an abandoned neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria. The city has seen heavy fighting between Assad forces and Free Syrian Army fighters in recent months.Sebastiano Tomada–Sipa USA
Sept. 24, 2012. U.S. military soldiers tend to a local Afghan man, who was shot after being suspected as an insurgent and planting an IED roadside bomb. The wounded man denied being Taliban.Tony Karumba–AFP/Getty Images
Sept. 25, 2012. A picture, taken on Sept. 19 and recently made available, shows a 4-day-old baby girl discovered by a Polish anti-bomb squad at a roadside in Ghazni, Afghanistan. The girl, named Pola, has been entrusted to Afghanistan State authorities, according to a Polish military spokesperson.EPA/ISAF
Sept. 25, 2012. Free Syrian Army fighter takes a rest during an attack on Syrian Army positions in Aleppo, Syria. Manu Brabo–AP
Sept. 25, 2012. Miners stand on the side of a highway blanketed with stones to block traffic on the outskirts of f El Alto, Bolivia. Juan Karita–AP
Sept. 25, 2012. A sacrificial lamb stands outside a restaurant in New Delhi.Mustafa Quraishi–AP
Sept. 25, 2012. Surfers wait for waves as dolphins jump around them at Bondi Beach in Sydney.Daniel Munoz–Reuters
Sept. 25, 2012. A man paints a wall surrounding a village on the outskirts of Beijing.David Gray–Reuters
Sept. 25, 2012. Military officers stand onboard China's first aircraft carrier ''Liaoning'' in Dalian, northeast China's Liaoning Province. Zha Chunming–Xinhua/
Sept. 25, 2012. An Indian laborer throws ash into the River Ganges after burning a dead body in Varanasi, India. Varanasi is among the world's oldest cities, and millions of Hindu pilgrims gather annually here for ritual bathing and prayers in the Ganges River.Rajesh Kumar Singh—AP
Sept. 25, 2012. People take cover during clashes between protesters and riot police at Neptuno Square during demonstrations surrounding the Spanish Parliament in Madrid. Pablo Blazquez Dominguez–Getty Images
Sept. 26, 2012. Students step off a boat to attend a class in the flood affected Morigaon district of Assam state, India.EPA
Sept. 26, 2012. Orphanage teachers and schoolmates attend a church service during the funeral of accident victims in Moscow. Five orphans, their teacher and her husband were killed by a drunken driver.Yuri Kochetkov–EPA
Sept. 26, 2012. A Palestinian boy looks at the burnt room of a 3-year-old boy Fathi al-Bogdadi in the Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza Strip. Al-Bogdadi died and his infant sister suffered critical burns when a lit candle burnt their house down. Ibraheem Abu Mustafa–Reuters
Sept. 26, 2012. Villagers look at a wounded endangered one-horned Rhinoceros that was shot and dehorned by poachers in the jungle of Parku hills near Kaziranga National Park in India. Biju Boro–AFP/ Getty Images
Sept. 26, 2012. A riot policeman on fire after a petrol bomb was thrown by protesters during a nationwide general strike in Athens. Thanassis Stavrakis–AP
Sept. 26, 2012. A rescue boat pulls people out of the water during an evacuation drill in Shanghai, China. Reuters / China Daily
Sept. 26, 2012. The Lebanese Army Airborne Division takes part in a mock ambush of a tank convoy during a drill in the area of Ouyoun al-Siman in the Lebanese mountains.Joseph Eid–AFP/Getty Images
Sept. 26, 2012. Afghan policemen take part in an exercise under the supervision of the Eurogendfor, in the National Police Training Center (NPTC) in Wardak province. Jeff Pachoud—AFP/Getty Images
Sept. 26, 2012. Indian police women beat female Kashmiri nursing students with batons during their arrest at a protest against their exam results in Srinagar, India. Tauseef Mustafa–AFP/Getty Images
Sept. 26, 2012. A police woman's hands are pictured as she takes a break during a protest by nursing students in Srinagar, India. Tauseef Mustafa–AFP/Getty Images
Sept. 26, 2012. Chinese Miss World 2012 Wenxia Yu poses at the Fouquet's hotel in Paris. Fred Dufour–AFP/Getty Images
Sept. 26, 2012. A painting attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, and representing Mona Lisa, is pictured behind a curtain during a preview presentation in a vault in Geneva. Denis Balibouse–Reuters
Sept. 26, 2012. Pakistani students of a madrassa, or Islamic school, attend a test in reciting verses of the holy Quran, in a Mosque in Islamabad.Muhammed Muheisen–AP
Sept. 26, 2012. President Barack Obama disembarks from Air Force One under rainfall at the Akron-Canton Regional Airport in Akron, Ohio. Jewel Samad–AFP/Getty Images
Sept. 26, 2012. South Korean soldiers take a parachute jump during a ceremony to mark the 64th Korea Armed Forces Day at the military headquarters in Gyeryong, about 140 km (87 miles) south of Seoul. Yang Young-Suk/Yonhap–Reuters
Sept. 26, 2012. An Afghan boy uses a plastic bag as a kite as he stands atop a destroyed Soviet era APC in Kabul.Ahmad Jamshid—AP
Sept. 26, 2012. A rebel fighter is carried down a ladder from his position in a third story apartment after being critically wounded by a Syrian government tank shell during an intense battle between rebels and Syrian army forces in Aleppo.Zac Baillie–AFP/Getty Images
Sept. 27, 2012. Paramilitary police officers stand guard in front of a giant portrait of China's late Chairman Mao Zedong at Beijing's Tiananmen Gate.Jason Lee–Reuters
Sept. 27, 2012. Devotees with their faces covered with colored powder dance in an alley during a procession on the ninth day of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival in Mumbai . Danish Siddiqui–Reuters
Sept. 27, 2012. People travel on a canoe in the floating slum of Makoko in Lagos, Nigeria. Sunday Alamba–AP
Sept. 27, 2012. A West Bank Palestinian man gets some sleep on a mattress in a field outside the Zufim Checkpoint, near Kochav Yair, Israel, after crossing the checkpoint. He is among tens of thousands who have permits from Israel to cross from the West Bank and work inside Israel. Jim Hollander—EPA
Sept. 27, 2012. An Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man holds a hadas, a myrtle branch that is one of the four items used as a symbol on the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, as he examines it for blemishes to determine if it is ritually acceptable before buying it, in Bnei Brak, Israel. Ariel Schalit—AP
Sept. 27, 2012. People receive dental treatment at the Care Harbor/LA free clinic in Los Angeles. The clinic will give an estimated 4,800 patients free dental work, medical exams, screenings and immunizations over four days. Lucy Nicholson—Reuters
Sept. 27, 2012. People are spun round on a fairground ride on the south bank of the River Thames in London.Matt Dunham—AP
Sept. 28, 2012. Children dressed as ancient Chinese scholars gather to have their picture taken after a traditional ritual to celebrate Confucius' birthday on Teachers' Day, at the Confucius Temple in Taipei. Yi-ting Chung—Reuters

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