April 3, 2015 9:47 AM EDT

Well, here’s a late night gimmick we haven’t seen before — and, let’s face it, probably won’t see again.

In James Corden’s second week hosting The Late Late Show, the comedian decided to broadcast Thursday’s episode from a stranger’s house. And he found the living room by knocking on random people’s doors in the middle of the night. (Think Hugh Grant in Love Actually, only later and with fewer carols.)

Corden decided on Tommy’s living room — “You look so terrified,” the host told Tommy, who ended up being his first guest — and Beck played from #TommysHouse, a hashtag that obviously started trending.

Other guests included Jeff Goldblum and a very, very large snake.

Absolutely bizarre? Yes. In a good way? Sure, why not.

We can only imagine what Corden has in store for week three.

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