By Rishi Iyengar
April 3, 2015

A parking attendant in Italy wrecked a $450,000 Ferrari while delivering it back to its owners a few blocks away, crashing the supercar into a storefront in Rome after accidentally pressing the accelerator instead of the brake.

Roberto Cinti was driving the Ferrari 599 GTO, one of the most powerful vehicles in the world, from a parking garage to the Hotel Exedra down the road when he lost control, according to local media.

“I was confused — instead of the brake, I pressed down on the accelerator,” Cinti told police on the scene, the Telegraph quoted a local newspaper as reporting.

And as he found out, a moment of confusion can cause catastrophic damage when you’re in a car that goes from 0-60 mph in three seconds.

A photograph made available on 01 April 2015 showing the aftermath following a ferrari 599 GTO which crashed into a shop in Viminale's road in Rome, Italy 30 March 2015.

The owners, a Dutch couple who had traveled to a meeting of Ferrari enthusiasts in Anzio, south of Rome, have not been identified or publicly reacted to the incident.

The valet, meanwhile, received treatment for minor injuries in a hospital and was — understandably — in a state of shock.

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