M Eric Honeycutt
March 31, 2015 9:58 AM EDT

The members of six-piece folk rock band Delta Rae have always been big proponents of enthusiasm—in 2013 they told TIME they hoped to “dispel the myth that apathy is cool”—and their new album, After It All, is as unabashedly emotional as ever.

After It All, which premieres today on TIME, is the band’s sophomore effort following its 2012 debut Carry the Fire. Big, lush and full of harmonies, After It All practically demands that you crank the volume and dance around. Consider the exhilarating second track, “Run”: it’s heavy on the drums, with singer Brittany Hölljes shouting, “I wanna run!”

Other tracks, like the piano-heavy “The Meaning Of It All” and the title track, are mellow and tender, with sentimental lyrics. But whether the songs are upbeat and aggressive or soft and subdued, After It All is driven by emotion.

Listen to the album, out April 7th, here:


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