March 16, 2015 5:00 PM EDT

If you want to date Meghan Trainor, these are just some of the rules you’re expected to abide by, according to her new “Dear Future Husband” video: tell her she’s beautiful every night, never attempt to win a fight, give her flowers on every anniversary, lower expectations about getting physical, put her family above yours and accept all of her irrational behavior without complaint.

What she’s describing is not a relationship—it’s a Meghtatorship. Somehow, this clip is scarier than Taylor Swift’s crazy-ex-girlfriend “Blank Space” video, and there aren’t even any knives involved this time.

But the “All About That Bass” singer says there’s a reason she’s so exacting. Speaking with TIME last December, Trainor said she wrote songs like “Dear Future Husband” and “Title” to correct the problems she observed in modern dating and hook-up culture. “Growing up with social media, it’s all, “Did he like my picture today? Did he text me back in the next hour? He must hate me then!'” she said. “It’s much harder for us growing up. I know I didn’t like myself as much as I should have, and I hope people can hear my songs and know I’m a badass girl and I deserve a good guy to take me out on a date.”

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