Silent film star Mary Pickford in Cinderella, 1914Paramount
CINDERELLA, Julie Andrews, aired March 31, 1957
CINDERELLA, Lesley Ann Warren, 1965.
ABC's "Once Upon a Time" - Season One
Silent film star Mary Pickford in Cinderella, 1914
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See Cinderella Through the Years

Mar 12, 2015

Love her or hate her, there's no denying Cinderella has held an important place in American culture for decades — and why not? With its rags-to-riches arc, the fairy tale has elements of the American Dream — just sub in those glass slippers for bootstraps. The latest iteration of the story, a live-action Disney version out Friday, stars Lily James as a feistier version of the peasant-turned-princess.

Though the heroine may have become more independent over the course of time, her wardrobe has remained fairly consistent. Here's a look back at some of our favorite Cinderellas in history.

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