In this combination of still images taken from surveillance video on Sunday, March 8, 2015, and provided by the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, a man runs down a street, carrying a toddler in an apparent kidnapping attempt in Sprague, Wash.
Lincoln County Sheriff's Office/AP
March 11, 2015 12:29 PM EDT

A Washington man was caught on camera Sunday running down a sidewalk carrying a toddler in his arms, in what police say was an attempted kidnapping.

In a video captured by a local store in Sprague, Wash., the toddler’s two young siblings are seen chasing after the alleged kidnapper, screaming for help. Two teenagers later joined the chase after the man, who eventually set the boy down and ran off.

The boy, 22 months old, wasn’t hurt, the AP reports.

“I can’t explain the feeling, the anxiety and everything that goes into finding out your children is missing or something has happened to them,” the boy’s father, Michael Wright, told KXLY-TV of Spokane.

Wright left his three children with a babysitter Sunday while he went to work. The three kids, aged 10, 8, and the toddler, were playing unsupervised in a city park near the babysitter’s house.

Local authorities have no leads in the case.


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