March 6, 2015 10:33 AM EST

Frozen may have come out in 2013, but people around the world still really, really love it. We now know that Frozen mania is not just limited to humans, though. It’s also a thing for goats. Behold: this video of a baby Nigerian Dwarf goat named Peppa Lass rocking an Elsa costume.

We have limited information about why this goat is dressed up as Queen Elsa of Arendelle, but we’ve got some theories. Basically: even though Peppa Lass is obviously adorable, it’s very difficult to bust onto the Internet scene as a baby goat these days. A few years ago it was much easier to stand out, but there’s no denying the meteoric rise of the goat has caused some serious competition in the goat community.

So somebody like Peppa Lass, who clearly has a lot to offer, is left asking herself: Where do I fit into this industry? How do I showcase my talent? How do I make myself stand out? These are tough questions, and anyone who’s ever had a dream can relate. So what happened was this: Peppa had been trying to bust onto the scene in earnest, taking whatever dead-end gigs she could while still maintaining her integrity. At some point, though, she realized she might have to exploit herself a bit. Because after all, a goat’s gotta eat, right?

So she agreed to put on a blue dress and a blonde braided wig because she knew people would like it. That doesn’t make her a sellout, she’s telling herself. The exposure from self-exploitation early in her career will set her up to pursue her real, true art with the integrity we all know she has deep down.

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