$75,000 Lux Watch Omni Yellow Gold
$75,000 Lux Watch Omni Yellow GoldBrikk
$75,000 Lux Watch Omni Yellow Gold
$70,000 Lux Watch Omni Platinum
$75,000 Omni Yellow Gold
(left to right) $13,000 Deluxe Yellow Gold, $75,000 Omni Yellow Gold, $7,500 Standard Yellow Gold
$13,000 Deluxe Pink Gold
$13,000 Deluxe Pink Gold
$7,500 Standard Platinum-Black Strap
$75,000 Lux Watch Omni Yellow Gold
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Just Look at This Completely Ridiculous $75,000 Apple Watch

Feb 26, 2015

Many have speculated that version of Apple's upcoming smartwatch could retail for vastly more than the $349 entry-level price the company announced when it unveiled the device last year. In fact, by some estimates, the Cupertino, Calif.-based technology giant could net as much as $5 billion per quarter from sales of its highest-end gold version alone. Then there are the planned versions below, put out by reseller Brikk. Its top-of-the-line model will cost just shy of $70,000.

The company says it plans to take apart Apple's devices and reassemble them—with extra luxury. According to a Brikk release, the company will do the following:

Each piece is disassembled inside Brikk’s state-of-the-art laboratory in Los Angeles by a team of skilled engineers. They are hand polished, then plated with five layers of diverse metals before their final plating in either two layers of gold or platinum. High quality diamonds are set with a microscope in a custom-machined bezel. Each piece is then reassembled and tested before shipping to clients.

More information about the final availability of the Apple Watch will be available in early March, when the company holds its "Spring Forward" event in California.

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