February 26, 2015 12:02 PM EST

Trent Harris, the two-year-old son of Cincinnati Bengals long snapper Clark Harris, recently performed the Star Spangled Banner at the Southern Boys Basketball game in New Jersey. His rendition of the national anthem is a slam dunk in our book — especially when it comes to cuteness. Just look at that little blue blazer and button-down shirt! Listen closely, and you will hear the audience chuckle when he sings the part about “bombs bursting in air.”

Nicknamed “SuperTrentendo” by his football player dad, the youngster got props from his proud parents on Twitter. From mom, dancer and choreographer Jessica Harris:

So proud of my son! His first public performance and he's only 2. National Anthem by Trent Harris 2 years old http://t.co/A8JBCy7ksW

— Jessica Harris (@JessJoyHarris) February 25, 2015

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