Watch Iggy Azalea’s Impression of the Pizza Delivery Boy Who Wronged Her

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Earlier this month Iggy Azalea learned that celebrity life isn’t always so fancy when she accused a Papa John’s delivery boy of giving out her phone number to family members. “I don’t think data breach is funny,” she tweeted after the company’s Twitter account tried to laugh off the situation with a misguided pun. (Oh, #brands, when will you ever learn!) “I expect you to contact me to explain how you are going to rectify your breach of my personal information in a satisfactory and professional way or [a] lawsuit will be filed.”

When asked about the incident on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, Azalea gave a play-by-play of how it all went down, including an impression of the pizza boy who was reckless with her digits. We learn a few mildly interesting details about her Papa John’s habits (she loves cheese sticks and uses her BFF’s name to order), but the interview is mostly just funny: She has a dry sense of humor, and even her hardened skeptics may not be able to resist cracking a smile when the Aussie rapper screams, “OH MY GOD IT’S IGGY AZALEA” or explains her exasperation with all the free pizza she’s offered. “Everyone’s trying to give me free pizza, but I don’t want free pizza!” she cries. “This isn’t about free pizza!”

The whole ordeal is over, she assured Seacrest, but things will never be the same again in the world of celebrity pizza preferences: Azalea says she’s now a VIP Pizza Hut customer.

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