Now You Can Bake Your Own Girl Scout Cookies

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Until now, Girl Scout cookie lovers have had to wait patiently each year for cookie season to arrive, then frantically buy up and hoard dozens of boxes of Samoas and Trefoils intended to last them until the next season. Those with less self-control might tragically eat their entire supply within a week, then spend the next several months suffering from withdrawal. But now, a new product from Wicked Cool Toys has the potential to let you enjoy your favorite Girl Scout cookies all year long.

The new Girl Scouts Cookie Oven takes a page out of the Easy Bake Oven book, allowing bakers of all ages to create their favorite cookies at home in a functional, pint-sized oven. It even comes complete with a child-friendly heating component and a special warming station for frosting, icing and decorating your cookies. You can scratch your sweet tooth with prepackaged mixes for Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos, Lemonades and most other fan favorites or experiment by mixing recipes.

Year-round access to Girl Scout cookies has its price, though, as refill packs of ingredients run $6.99 a pop—well over the normal cost of a box during sales season. But for the ability to eat Tagalongs on any given day in October, it’s probably worth it. The Girl Scouts Cookie Oven is scheduled to reach stores in Fall 2015.

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