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An Australian man who drove himself to a hospital while drunk after sustaining a chainsaw wound has lost a court appeal in the case.

Timothy Withrow cut his hand with a chainsaw last February at his home in Port Wilunga. He sewed the wound closed himself, poured gin on it and then drank some of the gin to numb the pain. When he tried to drive himself to the hospital, he was pulled over for not stopping at a stop sign. His blood alcohol content was triple the legal maximum.

Withrow pled guilty to his traffic crimes but was trying to get the crimes reclassified as “trifling” due to the unusual circumstances, so that they would carry a lighter punishment. However, a judge determined that posed a clear danger to himself and others while on the road, even if his tolerance for pain was admirable.

“I admire [his] courage and his tolerance to pain,” said Justice Kevin Nicholson, “but I do not admire his judgment.”


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