March 25, 2014 11:53 AM EDT

Where do the buffalo roam? Apparently, Sydney, Australia.

During the filming of an ad, two water buffalo escaped from the set at a park and strolled down the streets of Newtown, a suburb of the city, Reuters reports. Firefighters used ladders to corral the animals into a “makeshift pen” and live-tweeted the action.

“We were all standing back, we were all going ‘That’s really random’,” a University of Sydney student Abril Felman told Reuters.

An ode to the buffalo who came to #newtown today. @FRNSW

— Inner West Courier (@InnerWestNews) March 25, 2014

MRT @9NewsSyd: 2 water buffalo charging down #KingSt, #Newtown. #FRNSW working with handlers to return them. #9News

— Fire and Rescue NSW (@FRNSW) March 24, 2014

MRT @9NewsSyd: .@FRNSW cornering 2 water buffalo from a television commercial set in #Sydney's inner west. #9News

— Fire and Rescue NSW (@FRNSW) March 25, 2014

MRT @DamienSmith_7: Interesting sight in a Newtown front yard. #FRNSW Fireys and wranglers trying to get them home.

— Fire and Rescue NSW (@FRNSW) March 24, 2014

Two water buffalo cornered after running down King St, Newtown. Photo via @a_felman

— The Sydney Morning Herald (@smh) March 24, 2014





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