Ellar Coltrane as Mason Evans Jr. in Boyhood
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By Samantha Grossman
February 10, 2015

The jokesters who recently brought us “honest trailers” for Gone Girl and Love Actually are back, and this time they’ve tackled Oscars frontrunner Boyhood.

As these jokesters — known as Screen Junkies — explain, in 2002 director Richard Linklater thought up “the most ambitious gimmick in movie history” that required a six-year-old kid to “film the 12 most awkward years of his life.” According to this trailer, that premise ultimately leads to watching a group of actors grow together for more than a decade — like the Harry Potter franchise, but without a plot, or magic or fun.

The funniest part of this trailer, though, is the new version of the song “Hero” that was featured in the original trailer. It’s got new lyrics like: “Watch him grow / from a cute kid to an emo. / He just kind of walks around / and never really does anything else.”

No matter how much you loved the film — which even this trailer admits is “beautiful” — you have to laugh at this at least a little.

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