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This ‘Normal Barbie’ Ad Captures Society’s Insane Pressure to Have a Perfect Body

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The Lammily doll — playfully dubbed the “Normal Barbie” — finally has an ad — and it’s absolutely incredible.

“I created a video in which ‘Normal Barbie’ encounters unrealistic beauty expectations, just like in the real world,” creator Nickolay Lamm tells TIME.

Specifically: Spring break in Miami. When the Lammily doll is invited on vacation with her friends, she is overcome with a wave of pop culture-fueled self consciousness. Is her normal body — which is modeled after an average 19-year-old woman’s measurements (based on CDC data) — “bikini ready?”

“The video parodies twerking, Victoria’s Secret, American Apparel, Facebook and more,” Lamm says.

In the end, however, “Normal Barbie” learns that even dolls with stretch marks (available for purchase in a Lammily extension pack) can have fun at the beach.

There is a growing movement toward a society that embraces healthier, more natural bodies. The Lammily doll is fighting that fight, one twerk at a time.

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