February 5, 2015 7:01 AM EST

Starbucks For America
Howard Schultz is transforming his company. Changing the country is going to be harde

Serena Williams: I’m Going Back to Indian Wells
The tennis star writes exclusively in TIME about her decision to return to a tournament that has haunted her

The Battle for Nigeria
Whoever wins February’s presidential election in Africa’s most populous country will face a daunting battle against an increasingly confident Islamist insurgency

Leaving Standardized Testing Behind
The backlash against standardized tests has left lawmakers searching for ways to keep parents happy yet still hold schools, and students, accountable

The Culture

Pop Chart

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Christian Grey?
The movie Fifty Shades of Grey set out to craft a modern romance from a novel of sex, violence and domination

The Acquired Taste of Fresh Off the Boat
Eddie Huang readies viewers, and himself, for the sitcom version of his life

In Search of the Real Nicki Minaj
The rapper auditions a surprising new character: herself

A Nation of Mini Meditators
Mindfulness exercises are helping kids get an edge in the classroom

I Gave My 5-Year-Old a Cell Phone
And it turns out he understands gadget moderation better than I do


Republicans’ Immune Deficiency
Why a measles vaccine has presidential wannabes talking in code

See Republicans’ Many 2016 Contenders
Behind the dizzying spectacle of the GOP’s crowded presidential field

Marissa Mayer’s Trouble in Turnaround Town
hat’s next for Yahoo’s much-watched leader

Medicine’s New Crowdfunding Model
As U.S. spending on medical research lags, a new source of money has arrived

The Rise of Pop Chefs
Tiny, temporary restaurants are a model with staying power



Carl Djerassi
A creator of the birth control pill

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick
Fourth Super Bowl

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