February 3, 2015 2:12 PM EST

Parenthood‘s finale brought the show’s story full circle, perfecting the art of the family drama.

Fans bid farewell to the Bravermans with a tear-jerking wedding, the death of the family’s patriarch, an adoption and plenty of other life changes, while viewers got to see what the future would hold as well. Series creator Jason Katims, also known for Friday Night Lights, told Entertainment Weekly about a handful of scenes that were cut from the finale, including one starring John Corbett that fans can now watch themselves.

“That was a scene that had to be cut for time, and that was one I regret having to cut because it was a moment that, if you were a fan of the show over the years, John Corbett has done such great work, so it was a shame to have to lose that,” Katims said.

Watch the deleted scene below.

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