January 30, 2015 12:48 PM EST

Stars: they’re just like us! In the sense that they also embarrass themselves with goofy attempts at foreign accents. Take Ryan Gosling, who tried to talk like an Aussie as he crashed Russell Crowe’s speech at the recent Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards.

The two actors “attended” the ceremony through a live feed from the Los Angeles set of their upcoming film, The Nice Guys. The movie takes place during the 1970s, and it totally shows, because Gosling and Crowe are rocking some serious retro looks.

“G’day folks, how ya going,” Gosling says, attempting to fit in with all the Aussies in the crowd. It’s a pretty terrible accent, but he’s Ryan Gosling so he makes it charming.

“It’s okay, I’m honorary Australian,” he then assues Crowe. “I lived in New Zealand for like, two years.”

(h/t Elle)

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