January 28, 2015 1:14 PM EST

On Tuesday night, Conan O’Brien says his show’s team asked Minecraft, the popular virtual world video game, if they could do an episode of Conan in Minecraft, and the company said no. But considering there are tons of customizable Minecraft maps, it was not hard for the comedian’s staff to just make their own. There is a red-headed cubist figure of Conan, his desk, the audience and the game even played around with the idea of hosting the show from a pirate ship or fire pit.

It is not the first time the comedian has lampooned the blocky game. He mocked Microsoft’s acquisition of its maker Mojang in the format of the game and, in a 2012 mock review of Minecraft for Xbox 360, described players as “young people [who] really can’t see well…people who have never seen what a real house looks like, and [who] like depressing climates.”

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