By Samantha Grossman
January 27, 2015

Some people are really, really upset that some of the footballs the New England Patriots provided for the semifinal game against the Indianapolis Colts were under-inflated. Most people are referring to this scandal as “Deflategate” or, in some cases, an even more tasteful moniker: “Ballghazi.”

But comedian Louis C.K., who, as a Boston native, identifies as a Patriots fan, isn’t upset at all, as he explained to David Letterman Monday night. Why? “It’s a stupid football game. Just deflate the balls, poke a guy in the eye or whatever. It’s football.”

C.K. also made sure to defend the Patriots when Letterman asked why the team might do such a thing. “Well, because they want to win real bad. Sometimes you do stuff that’s not fair, so that you can win. I have no problem with it.”

Can someone give Louis C.K. a job as a sports commentator please?

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