By Eliana Dockterman
January 27, 2015

This article contains spoilers. Click here to reveal them.

Think you know who killed Lila on How to Get Away With Murder? Think again. How to Get Away With Murder returns Thursday at 10 p.m. on ABC — and audiences shouldn’t plan on getting too comfortable.

At the season one break of the show, audiences discovered Wes killed Annalise’s husband, Sam, and that Annalise knew about the murder. Many also assumed that Sam was the one who killed Lila — after all, there was a naked picture of him on her phone. But How to Get Away With Murder showrunner Pete Nowalk tells TIME that that’s not necessarily the case.

“In the first half, it was who killed Sam? And now we know who killed Sam,” Nowalk says. “Now there’s still the mystery of who killed Lila. They killed Sam because he killed Lila, and now we really need to find out if that’s true.”

He adds that many of the audience’s other lingering questions will be addressed before the end of this season.

“The second half of this season is all about how are they going to get away with this murder they actually committed,” he says. “All the sudden they’re feeling guilt and paranoia and fear and distrust of their friends. Is anyone’s going to confess or are they actually going to get away with this? I think these students came to school pretty naive and we’re going to watch them become much more grown up in a way that they probably don’t even want to be.”

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