Today’s daily Photojournalism Links collection highlights Andrea Bruce‘s work from Cuba, made on assignment for the New York Times. They accompany a text by a correspondent who made a 17-hour, nearly 600-mile road trip across the island in a battered 1956 Ford. The photographs, shot in the south of the country, capture a struggling country, where many continue to rely on money sent by relatives abroad, horses are used for transportation and billboards still trumpet revolutionary slogans. But, there are also hints of change to the political system, with budding entrepreneurship. The words and pictures are a fascinating sliver into contemporary, slowly changing Cuba.

Andrea Bruce: Revealing a Slowly Changing Cuba (The New York Times)

Jerome Sessini: Beneath the Front Lines of the War in Eastern Ukraine (TIME LightBox) The photographs capture the region’s struggling coal industry, which has been hit hard by the current conflict.

Fabrice Fouillet: Colosses (Wired Raw File) Some of the world’s most imposing statues, seen from unusual angles.

Four deaths on a Gaza Beach: The images unseen (Al Jazeera America) Photo editor Mark Rykoff writes about graphic Gaza images, that no one wanted to publish.

God’s flock (British Journal of Photography) Another review of Jordi Ruiz Cirera’s photobook, Los Menonos, which depicts the Mennonite communities of eastern Bolivia.

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