By Samantha Grossman
January 7, 2015

We’re getting closer and closer to the Valentine’s Day release of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, but to tide everyone over, here’s a glimpse at one of the songs you’ll hear during the film. It’s a new track by Ellie Goulding called “Love Me Like You Do” and, as you can probably imagine, it’s pretty sexy.

“You’re the cure / you’re the pain / you’re the only thing I want to touch,” Goulding sings in the opening verse, later belting, “Love me like you do / love me like you do / love me like you do / love me like you do / touch me like you do / what are you waiting for?” in the chorus. So yeah.

She also sings some some stuff like “I’ll let you set the pace, ’cause I’m not thinking straight” which feels pretty Fifty Shades-esque too.

Overall, the soundtrack is shaping up to be pretty great so far, with a sultry contribution from The Weeknd and a sensual version of “Crazy In Love” from Beyoncé. It’s not weird if we want to see this film purely for the soundtrack, right?

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