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Meanwhile, In Australia, It’s So Hot People Are Frying Eggs On Sidewalks

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In the U.S. right now, it’s snowy and cold and generally hellish. In Australia, however, it’s summertime — and it’s so hot that some people decided to try that old trick of frying eggs on the pavement.

Temperatures soared to around 44ºC Monday, which is about 111ºF. So, in other words, it’s rather hellish down under right now too — just a hotter, sweatier type of hellish. So, some intrepid YouTubers decided to bust out an iron skillet, throw some eggs in it, and watch them fry. And then eat them on bread.

So no, technically, nobody fried eggs to completion directly on the sidewalk, but still.

(h/t Daily Dot)

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