'Parks And Recreation'
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January 5, 2015 2:12 PM EST

Parks and Recreation returns for its seventh and final season on Jan. 13, but the send-off wouldn’t be complete with the most nefarious villain in all of Pawnee: Tammy, an ex-wife of Ron’s Swanson played by Megan Mullally.

Last season saw Ron laying a trap for Tammy by setting her up with Councilman Jeremy Jamm. But in a clip from the new season’s upcoming episode, it’s clear that Tammy is a woman so evil, even Swanson wouldn’t wish her on his worst enemies. So he and Leslie Knope come up with a plan to free Jamm from her grasp, and it involves some painful Pavlovian conditioning—and one intimidating chastity belt.

Check out the clip over at Entertainment Weekly

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